Protection and Dowsing

Protection and Dowsing

We are often asked as experienced dowsers, “How important is the use of protection in dowsing?” If you ask different dowsers you will get different answers. Since you sought answers from us, your Mirrorwaters team, we will do our best to provide you with honest answers, which have been tried and tried again.

With dowsing, the most important factor and end result is accuracy. To our knowledge, dowsing has not caused harm to anyone who has chosen to try it occasionally or use it as a daily part of their lives. It is simply a visual form of verification to answers we receive from the “anywheres,” (because no-one truly knows from where our information comes). The second most important factor is personal protection (keeping our personal energy free from debris that may be accumulated while dowsing illnesses, entities and other not-so-positive energies). While we cannot state that physical harm has come from dowsing, we can say with a certain amount of confidence that negative energies can cloud around us, which need removing.

That being said, here are a few forms of protection that we have found useful. For Accurate Dowsing:

  1. Perform a daily routine of clearing of self to make sure accuracy is not distorted by negative emotions we are carrying, or that our polarity is not switched. When polarity is switched, most all answers received are inaccurate. An excellent example of daily clearing can be found [here] This can be as complex as reading each line and breathing it in, making it a part of you, or as simple as stating, with your pendulum ready to go for verification that this is being done, “Download Morning Cup.” Each is equally effective.
  2. If this is too much work or you prefer something less scheduled, you can simply ask the May I, Can I, Should I’s. Example: “May I dowse today’s weather forecast?” If you receive a no, perhaps something needs cleared. You can ask, “Am I clear to accurately dowse for ______.” If you still receive a no, you might consider that either the person you want to dowse for is focused on something else and cannot receive dowsing at the moment, or someone else is “plugged in” to this person. Ask again later and you may find you are then clear to dowse. If you receive a “no” response, you can also simply state with authority, “Clear all blocks, mental, emotional and physical, which prevent my accurate dowsing,” wait for your pendulum to acknowledge that you are clear (yes motion), and begin dowsing.
  3. For Personal Protection:

    There are a number of personal protection techniques that people use, but since this is an article and not a book, we’ll offer a few tried-and-true techniques for you to use.

    1. Prayer. Simple, yet effective.
    2. Mentally picture yourself encased in a two-way mirror, with the reflective side facing away from you. This will allow you to “see” where you are going, but when negative energies “see” you coming,
    3. Picture yourself enveloped in white or blue sparkling light. This is very common, quite simple, yet very effective, especially in healing work.
    4. Clear yourself at the end of the day. We have provided an evening clearing program we named, “Night Cap.”

    Additionally, I would like to offer a couple of very soothing meditations I use. When I am particularly stressed, it helps me immensely to sit quietly, close my eyes and picture all of the day’s problems, pressures and concerns filling my head all the way to the top. When I see my head “full,” I allow my ears to open and all of the problems that have filled up my head pour out through my ears and away from my body. This particular meditation is quick and easy and works wonders to let go of the stresses of the day.

    Another one I enjoy: Picture yourself sitting at the bottom of an ocean or lake, with the sunlight shining down and filtering thru the ripples above you. Slowly allow the stresses of the day, one by one as they enter your thoughts, to seep from the top of your head in bubbles that make their way to the surface and disappear into the sunlight at the surface.

    I hope this has been helpful to you. It is always our pleasure to assist other dowsers in any way we can with honestly and openness. Thank you for visiting!

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