Dowsing and Intuition

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Dowsing and Intuition

Have you ever wondered, as a new or seasoned dowser, why the answers to your questions seem to pop into your head just as your pendulum or dowsing device appears to mimic your mind's answer? Have you ever thought to yourself that you could be swaying the answers you receive from your pendulum? Have you ever doubted your dowsing abilities because you just know you're making the pendulum swing, somehow?

Fear not. I have learned in my few years of dowsing and lifetime of intuition that dowsing and intuition go hand in hand. I almost feel it's not possible to dowse without some inkling of intuition.

My very first experience with this type of phenomena was at the tender age of 13. My best friend and I had made a (not too bright) choice to use the Ouija Board (a form of dowsing not advised by seasoned experts). We were not naive with most things spiritual even at that age, so we did take precautions to ask for prayers of protection, light candles, the whole pop. We began asking our questions and became giddy as we felt the tug of the plastic, triangular shaped window move beneath our fingers. We, of course, thought we were moving the viewer on our own power, but it soon became apparent, as it almost took off from beneath our touch, that it was not us. After a few goofball questions, (What's your name?; Is reincarnation real?; What was I in a past life?) I decided to try to contact my grandfather, with whom I was very close. I asked my friend to take the viewer on her own while I asked the question and recorded the answer with pen and paper. My question was, "How do I know this is my grandpa?" The response was chillingly spelled out, "I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U-M-Y-L-I-..." My intuition kicked in just as the words were being spelled out - almost in unison. Remember, my fingers were nowhere near the viewer. It continued as my thoughts spelled it out simultaneously, "...T-T-L-E-B-U-C-K-A-R-O-O." I love you, my little buckaroo. What you need to know is my friend had never in her life heard me utter those words, as I rarely spoke of my grandfather to anyone. When I was very young, he often told me those very words. We were a rodeo family, so the term Buckaroo was a term of endearment he bestowed on me, his first grandchild.

What I'm getting at with this story, is that while you may be receiving an answer to your dowsed question, you may find yourself intuiting the answers along with the movement of the pendulum. This won't happen all the time, but don't be surprised or doubt yourself if it happens even occasionally.

What is the best way to keep your intuition from affecting your dowsing, so that you can perceive your dowsing to be accurate? Good question!

First, invite someone else to dowse the answers with you, either for you or along with you. This is very helpful, especially for new dowsers. It helps build confidence in your dowsing abilities and teaches you to trust your intuition as you use the pendulum as a sort of confirmation of your intuited information.

Second, remove yourself and your emotions from the equation. This may not sound so simple to do, and it really isn't if you are too close to the problem you are dowsing. What I mean is, turn off your emotions. Become, in your mind, only a tool used for answering the question. If you can do this, terrific! You're ahead of the game. If you can't, get a dowsing buddy as many of us have done. I have read from several people in our dowsing groups who have asked someone else to dowse a question for them, because they are "too close to the subject." This is entirely acceptable and most people have no problem assisting another dowser with something like this.

Third, learn to trust your intuition and use the pendulum as simply a confirmation of your feelings. This is really, in my opinion, the best place to be. Once you do this, I guarantee that once in a while, when you "feel" an answer, your pendulum will give you something different. I actually love when this happens, because it confirms to me that it is not only my intuition at work. There are other forces. When my intuition and dowsed answers don't agree, I will rephrase the question, giving more detailed information in the question until my intuition and dowsed answers agree. This helps me understand that there may be more involved to the situation than I had originally felt.

Whatever you do, my final suggestion is to not allow your inborn intuition to discourage you from using the pendulum because you think you're influencing your answers. You're not. Follow the advice above and allow your own Spirit (or your Deity) to work through you, using your intuition as a tool in itself. Good luck and happy dowsing!

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