Dowsing the Future

What is that?
A human term?
A way to measure?
The space between,
this moment and the next?
this thought and the next?
A way to measure,
Who is the master?
Who decides the measure?
What is that?

Dowsing the Future


"Is it possible to dowse the future?" Well, that is a loaded question for many dowsers. There are some who might say it is impossible to dowse the future and it is wrong to attempt it. However, those same people have nothing against using other forms of divination. Such as Tarot, Rune Stones or Cards, I Ching. Many of these other forms of divination have proven to be accurate when interpreted by someone with sufficient expertise in these particular forms of divination.

Well, if it is possible to successfully predict aspects of the future using these forms of divination, then where does the information come from? Is it from the imagination of the person reading the tarot cards? Is it from the advice of the person who wrote the I Ching book of answers? Or is it just that the information is freely available as 'Universal Knowledge,' and these people just have a knack for accessing it? Is it a part of the divine matrix or the quantum field?

Now, I think most dowsers believe that by dowsing they are accessing information that is available in the Universe, quantum field, what have you. Many believe it is our own subconscious mind or higher self that has access to Universal Knowledge. Other people believe other things. Who is right and who is to say that those who think they are right are not? It really depends in the end, I think, in what you believe you can and cannot do.

I personally believe that you can dowse the future, but you must be aware that there are certain factors involving all future events. There are probabilities that an event will occur at a future time based on the actions of many from the moment that you dowse until the moment that the event is set to occur. This is also true of all other forms of divination.

So, it is best, in my opinion, to factor in these different possibilities based on the free will and choice of all people involved. I believe that when dowsing future events I am really only taking a snapshot of the future within the current parameters of NOW and what is the most likely event that could occur based upon your current thoughts, knowledge, ideas, choices etc.

Therefore, we at Mirrorwaters always use a Percentage/Probability Chart to determine what the probability is that a certain event will occur at a certain point in time. The Percentage/Probability chart is available in the Free Pendulum Dowsing Chart E-Book that is available for free download. We also use a timing chart to find out when the event is most likely to occur. The timing chart has days/months and years on it. The timing chart is available to purchase as a download on the Purchase Charts Page.

A couple of examples of successfully dowsing future events.

One year my husband and I were curious what our house was worth if we sold it. We also asked when would be the best time to sell the house within the next 3 years. We dowsed a month and a year about 2 years out. We dowsed to see what the value of the house would worth be at that time. We both dowsed a price of about $100,000 more than it was currently worth. We both looked at each other and said NO WAY! Well we checked the house value at that time and it was worth almost exactly what we dowsed it would be.

I trade futures, currencies, and stocks. One day I was interested in selling a current futures contract, which was soon going to expire. So, I dowsed on the market open what would the highest price of the Canadian Dollar during the current trading session and was given a price. I placed an order to sell at the price I dowsed and went out for the day. When I came home the Contract was liquidated at the high price of the day for a tidy profit.

I have heard that it is impossible to dowse stocks, well I have dowsed stocks successfully many times and I know of several others who also dowse stocks quite successfully. Don't believe everything you hear. Develop your own beliefs in your dowsing abilities by deciding that you can, indeed, do it and then Dowse it.

My vote is to say you can dowse future events but you could incorporate using probabilities into that which allows for free will and choice in the final outcome. But you decide; what do you believe? © 2008; Juanita Ott

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