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Several folks have asked, “How does one use the pendulum to balance chakras”?

In providing the explanations below, I do not wish anyone to take anything I write as the absolute truth. I humbly request that each person who reads this document takes only what resonates with them as truth and expands on the ideas presented. There are no absolutes when dowsing, as far as I am concerned, and those who teach in such a way to imply that theirs is the one true way, the only way causes me to look elsewhere for information. They have nothing to teach me. In fact, they just may cloud my belief system.

Remember: Only you can walk your path. You pick and choose what you can use along the way. Some things are of benefit and some things are not. When you flounder on the path, someone may stop by long enough to light your way, but most often you walk the path alone. So, leave those things that do not resonate until later; the idea will still be here when and if you need it in the future.

Below, I will present ideas and methods which I have used to balance chakras with the pendulum and INTENT. Intent, in my opinion, is the most important consideration when doing pendulum healing work.

In these examples, I am going to use a fictional character, Jon, to assist in my explanations.


I always prepare myself to dowse and remove any prior thoughts and notions I have concerning the subject to be dowsed. I check my dowsing accuracy by using a percentage chart. Do not proceed if you are not prepared. You may need to drink some water to hydrate yourself. You may need to balance your own chakras, energy and frequencies. You might also want to use a chart to determine any possible dowsing errors and what you might do to better prepare yourself to dowse. You might say a prayer. One I often use is, “I am in the Universe. The Universe is in my body. The Universe and I are combined together.” I always check to make sure that I am in contact with my High Self and that any helpers or angels that I use in my work are available to assist.

When I am working on someone else I ask my High Self to connect with the other person’s High Self, so that our High Selves work together as a team in doing the healing work. When you are finished, don’t forget to disconnect from the other person’s High Self. You may set up your dowsing system to disconnect automatically when you are done. After all, your High Self knows when you are done working on someone, so just ask your High Self to automatically disconnect when the work is complete.

I also always say Thank You before I put my pendulum away and quite often after every answer is received or procedure is performed. Gratitude is always good.


Ask for permission to dowse for any imbalance in Jon’s chakras; ask May I, Can I, Should I? If you get a to any of these questions, then advise Jon that you do not have permission at this time. You may discuss with Jon the reasons why you were not given permission. You may ask further questions such as, “May I check again later?” “Is it because Jon is not relaxed just now?” “Would I be able to dowse Jon’s chakras if Jon were lying down, relaxing?” It’s always possible that Jon is running a marathon and now would not be an appropriate time to balance his chakras. Of course, it is possible that if Jon is running a marathon, now would be the most appropriate time to balance, and then he may need his chakras balanced again in half an hour. Here’s another example: I was attempting to dowse for my dog and wanted to balance his chakras. I connected with his High Self and I asked for permission to dowse. I was astonished when I received a NO response! I had never been denied permission to dowse for my dog. I looked up from my dowsing to exclaim to my husband that I was not allowed to dowse for the dog! But, when I glanced at my husband, he was busy dowsing, so I sat quietly until he was done. I asked him if he had been dowsing for the dog and of course he had been which was why I was not given permission to dowse him, too. When my husband was done, I again asked for permission and it was granted.


Method 1

Have the person on whom you intend to work lie on his or her back on a bed or flat surface. Get a fresh glass of water, and place a finger of your non-dowsing hand into the glass of water. Hold the pendulum over each chakra and ask the pendulum to indicate if it is in balance, under-active or overactive. The pendulum will cycle in the appropriate direction. An indication of a balanced chakra is a back and forth motion; if under-active, the pendulum will cycle counter clockwise; and an overactive chakra will cycle in a clockwise direction. Once the pendulum has indicated the status of the chakra, if it is not balanced, ask that the imbalance be corrected. Your pendulum should cycle in the opposite direction of the imbalance until it swings back and forth to indicate that the chakra is now in balance. Go through each of the chakras, from the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown. Once you have done all of the chakras, check again by asking if any of the chakras are out of balance. It is possible that in balancing one chakra a previously balanced chakra has been altered!

When you are done, ask if any of the chakras need to be balanced from the back. I have never had to do this, but it’s always important to ask in case any of the chakras are blocked in the back area. When finished, throw out the water and rinse the cup. Do not re-use or drink the water.

Note: I no longer use this method and have found that the water was a nuisance, but to each their own. It worked as well as any other method I have tried.

Method 2

Let’s assume that Jon has requested a chakra balancing, but is not present for a first-person session.

Use a picture that shows the chakras on the body. First intend that this picture will represent Jon’s body. Then, dowse each chakra individually, again asking the pendulum to indicate the status of Jon’s base chakra, and then request that each chakra is repaired as outlined in Method 1 (italics) above.

Method 3

Ask if any of Jon’s chakras are out of balance. If you get a yes response, then ask that the imbalance be corrected. The pendulum will cycle until the chakras are completely balanced.

Note: This method is quick but it does not give you any indication of where Jon’s weaknesses might be.

Method 4

Use a pendulum chart to indicate which of Jon’s chakras needs attention.


To use the pendulum chart, hold your pendulum over the convergence point (the point at the bottom center of the chart where all the lines converge). Ask to be shown the chakra that needs balancing and wait for the pendulum to swing over one of the named chakras. If your pendulum does not swing, or you are new to dowsing, simply give the pendulum a swing (away from your body) to get it started and then watch as it is directed to the chakra needing the attention. Once the chakra is identified, ask that the chakra be balanced and wait while the work is done. When you receive a back and forth swing, again ask which chakra needs to be balanced. Continue in this manner until no further chakras are indicated as requiring attention. The pendulum will either not move at all or will swing from side to side along the bottom of the chart, or it may circle in a counter-clockwise direction to indicate that there is nothing further to be done.

Method 5

The method I use most often is to simply go through each of the chakras without any aids. Is Jon’s base chakra in balance? (No) Please balance. Allow the pendulum to swing. It will know which way to swing to correct the imbalance. When it swings to the balanced position, move to the next chakra, and continue in this fashion until all the chakras are balanced. Once all the major chakras have been balanced, I ask to balance all of the minor chakras on the body and ensure that all of the major and minor chakras are perfectly balanced and working together to promote optimum health and vitality to Jon.

For questions or comments, or to suggest your own methods of clearing chakras, please address your correspondence to . We would be honored to post your ideas.

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Juanita Ott; 1/11/2006

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