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This book contains 83 dowsing charts for the discerning dowser to use to determine possible causes of anxiety as well as possible ways to manage it.

We at Dowse This have been creating dowsing charts for over 10 years to empower dowsers to become detectives in their own well being. This book is one in a series of 15 books currently available in the Dowse This series with more being worked on regularly. The books in the Dowse This series are designed to work as either stand alone or as a huge arsenal of informational tools. Using these tools enables you to quickly find the information you desire.


Table of Charts

Master Chart 1 - 2

Am I Ready to Dowse 1 & 2

Request Assistance 1 – 4


Focused Questions

Blocks to Healing 1 & 2

Percentage / Probability

Alphabet Chart

Levels of Self / Subtle Bodies

Chakra Chart

Assemblage Point Adjustment

Anxiety – Possible Causes 1 - 11

Traumas 1 - 5

Anxiety – Foods to Avoid 1 & 2

Area of Life Affected

When Did This Happen

The Anatomy of the Brain 1 - 3

Entities / Entity Attachments 1 - 2

Entity Clearing 1 & 2

Anxiety – Method to Release 1 - 8

Level of Benefit

Steps to Clearing Truamas/Blocks/Isseus etc 1 & 2

Anxiety – Vitamins/Supplements/Herbs 1 - 2


Herbal Treatments

Anxiety - Homeopathy

Homeopathy Dosage Selector

Radionic Remedy Transmitter

Anxiety – Flower Essences

Anxiety - Aromatherapy

Anxiety - Colors

Anxiety - Crystals

Anxiety – How to Use Crystal

Anxiety – Foods to Assist 1 & 2

Hormesis Response

Hertz Vibration

Risk Chart

Non-Beneficial Energies 1 & 2

Beneficial Emotions / Behaviours

Relationships – Who’s Involved 1 - 3

Best Time of Day


Time Required Between Sessions

Dowse This Series 1 & 2



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