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I have been working with this method to balance your Etheric Body, Asrtral Body, Aura, and Chakras for several years now and have had some amazing results. Below are some examples of weaves I have done.

A remote weaving consists of me connecting with your I AM Presence, your guides and the Universe. I usually try to set up a time with my client when they can relax during the weaving, and for a short time afterward. Each session generally lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, but has on occasion lasted much longer, it lasts as long as your body wants it to last basically as we are not in control. The Universe knows what is required and I am just allowing the Universe to preform the required healing.

I do have several colours of the weavers, but sadly not all. In fact I seem to have lost one which is very odd as I've always kept them all together. I allow your High Self/I AM Presence to choose the colour most suited for your healing each time.

Some examples of an Etheric Weave.

A fella in England (I'm in Canada) had a chronic bad back had been to chiro etc. At this particular time he was too the point of being laid up in bed when his wife mentioned it to me (he had been to chiropractor for this one too). I offered to weave him (before I weaved him I did all of the above steps including checking for the emotions) which I did and he got out of bed came downstairs and danced with his wife! After 3 or 4 follow up sessions I never heard from him again.

Another time a fella had an infected tooth and he was not going to go to the dentist. He was in extreme pain so I offered to weave him. Anyway this fella's jaw and face was swollen badly (he lived in the states somewhere). So I weaved him, he was extremely skeptical that it would help, actually so was the fella in England who didn't believe in this hocus pocus stuff. I completed the weave and sent him a report on what I found. Within 30 minutes I received an email that this fellas face started to feel better and within 4 hours the swelling had noticeably decreased according to him. I also identified other areas of concern for these fellas which included an area in his Aura over his right shoulder that the Weaver returned to several times. (Apparently, this was an old injury he had received). I also energetically asked the universe to download to this gentlemen the most appropriate medication on the planet for the healing of his jaw without any side effects or any of the negative effects of taking a medication. Not sure what they gave him but it seemed to work. I also downloaded the most appropriate and beneficial medication for him several times a day for about 3 days. I used my dosage chart to find out how often I should download it.

Another time I had a friend who's mother was in the hospital, she had just had her leg amputated and could not sleep due to the pain. I offered to weave her with her permission of course. The daughter coordinated a time when she would be resting and during the weave she fell asleep and slept well for several hours for the first time since her surgery.

I recently weaved a lady with a sore shoulder, she laid down during the session and she said despite constant pain, during the session she had none.

Several years ago I was having a weaving session done on me, I was lying down but was not relaxed, at one point if felt like something lifted up my arm and dropped it back on the bed. That was telling me I needed to relax! It was the oddest sensation. When the weave was done I felt a great rush of energy throughout my body clearing all my energy blocks.

Another time my husband did a weaving on me. It was also very interesting. The weaver went all over my body and finished at a point above my right shoulder and about 2 feet from my body. As as soon as it started circling there it was like it just removed a block and the energy in my body began circulating in a rush! Amazing! That of course was the point at which the etheric weaver stopped circling and pointing.

All the folks I have done remote weavings for have given me positive feedback. Often they find themselves falling into a deep sleep during the weaving.

I have included a link to a sample PDF report with more information on what a weave consists of, which you can download and read at your leisure. Each weave purchased will include an similar email report at the end of the session.

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