A "Journey Book" Dowse

A “Journey Book” Dowse

This event occurred back in March, 2008 and I wrote this the morning after the incident and posted it to some dowsing friends of mine.


The Journey Book is one of the dowsing chart books I created. "Dowse This... Your Journey to Emotional Balance" is my favourite dowsing chart book and is in my opinion the most useful.

Last night after work my husband walked through the door limping with a sore knee.

Later, he expected me to provide healing! LOL He was watching a movie and was paying no attention to anything that I was doing really. So, I went and got the Journey Book.

At first I asked to be shown the cause of the sore knee and was taken to Destructive Emotions chart 2. I think it was "Discouragement" that was indicated. After clearing that, I again dowsed and was shown to dowse for next chart. So I dowsed up top (a small chart of Destructive Emotions charts 1 through 6 or 7) and was taken to chart DE3 and cleared "Hopelessness" and "Isolation" at this point my question was... "What else does My Husband need to know?" ( I asked if this was still related to the knee pain and told it was related to issues at work, but it also was a contributing cause to the pain in the knee), then Back to Chart DE2 and cleared "Feelings of Impending Doom". Again the guidance received indicated “Issues at Work” as above. After clearing “Feelings of Impending Doom” I was shown to return to the Master Chart and shown to go to the chart...

Method to Release Emotion and Trauma.

First Item was “dowsing” (with relation to the knee) (meaning use dowsing to release the Emotion) Second Item was related to the “Issues at Work” ...

Just quickly as background info... my husband is in a management position. The construction phase of the project he was working on is supposed to be complete in July (well he has been saying all along that there is NO way it will be complete due to Engineering and Procurement issues… which have been occurring since the very beginning of the project). As it comes to the crunch he has not been sleeping. And he gets up almost every night and sometimes never getting back to sleep. And often he only sleeps 3 or 4 hours a night. We keep dowsing that there is something he can do to change things but we just are not getting what it could be! So back to last nights dowse....

So...the second item was on the Method to Release Chart was... "Accept Responsibility" But both of us think well! but its not his fault that it just didn’t make any sense at all. He has been saying all along etc etc. This area that he is in has had many many challenges right from the beginning and everyone involved knows that. WELL anyway..... I asked to be given more information from the Universe about what he needs to know about “Accepting Responsibility” even though it is not his fault! I didn't for a minute think that him Accepting Responsibility was going to help and neither did he. We thought it was just a dumb thing for the Universe to suggest via dowsing. But I figured I should explore it using Intuition as Charts often just give us clues and ideas and we need to take it from there!!!! So I got quiet and asked for more information.... and this is basically what I got via intuition....

When my husband is always assigning BLAME (even though the Blame is rightfully the fault of others) he is giving away HIS POWER! WOW! If he accepts responsibility and no longer looks to place the blame on events of the past or others, he will be able to take back His Power and the job productivity will be increased by 65% and I dowsed that if He Accepts Responsibility & STOPS assigning Blame, this will decrease his stress levels by 85%.

Neither my husband nor I would ever have considered this. But it made PERFECT sense once the Universe gave us a kick in the BUTT! So to speak.

The last chart I was shown to Dowse was Issues With: and the item was "Belief Systems". My husband agreed whole heartedly with that.

We then discussed everything and I asked him how he felt about the whole dowse.

He said it was "Very Informative and VERY ACCURATE" (WooHoo I love confirmation)

I put all this in our Journey Book Journal and I wrote out a statement..

I am going to take Responsibility for what is occurring and Regain MY Power, and he signed it.

Me, I thought what an awesome, awesome, DOWSE.

Oh and incidentally, he got up to go get a glass of water shortly after all this, and was no longer limping AND he slept ALL NIGHT.

The next day, at work, at the morning meeting he told his staff that there would be NO more bellyaching about the external reasons why they were unable to get the job done (engineering and procurement). And that they needed to start taking responsibility for the completion of the job and not assign blame. His knee never gave him any more trouble. And the job was finished by the completion date.

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