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Anyone who has visited my site over the years knows that I do not advertise, but I do like to be of service to the dowsing community. This page while it may appear like an advertisement is not, as an advertisement would require that I somehow benefit monetarily from placing the information on my website, I do not. I have created this page because I came across these amazingly beautiful pendulums and I felt it would be a dis-service to the community not to mention them here!


Check out this beautiful pendulum that Stan created specially for me, I couldn't be more happy with it! I simply emailed Stan and asked what it would cost for shipping to Canada, and in the process I made a friend. He then mentioned he had many more pendulums to choose from so I asked if he and his partner Lois (if you are looking for a gifted intuitive check out Lois' website Ask-Lois.com) would dowse 3 pendulum's for me from his collection. He did so but was also guided to create this one for me. I think it is the most beautiful wooden pendulum I've ever seen. So are the other one's pictured below, which Stan and Lois also dowsed I would love, and I DO!

Black & White Ebony


This Bocote has since been claimed by my husband and now resides in this Shaman Medicine bag. He loves it.

So if you too would like to own one of these beauties visit Stans site to browse through a selection of pendulums that Stan lovingly creates.

If you purchase a pendulum from Stan and would like to share a photo here, please email me your photo at contact @ mirrorwaters . com(no spaces) and I would be happy to add it to this page.


Harold from France Owns this pendulum


Fiddleback Koa
Harold received this pendulum the summer 2010, it is created with Fiddleback Koa Wood.


Bryan from Australia Owns this pendulum



This is the pendulum Stan made for me from Cocobolo wood. I have quite a few pendulums ( I refuse to say how many ). This pendulum. as well as being beautiful to look at, is the quickest and most responsive pendulum I have ever used. I was amazed at how it seemed to answer my question almost before the question had crystallized in my mind. Highly recommended.

Love and Light, Bryan McAlister. Australia


Shirley is the Happy Owner of this pendulum




Linda from Texas owns this pendulum


Purple Heart

Linda found Stan off Mirrorwaters and upon contacting Stan found that they had a mutual friend. Gosh its a small world! Linda says of course I love my purple heart wood pendulum.


Pendulum and Pen Ink Individually hand crafted items made from exotic woods



Delve Deeper With Dowsing



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