Message From Andy - Change

Submitted by Mirrorwaters on Tue, 09/10/2019 - 17:40
Baseball Tarot

Today’s Dowsed Message from Andy comes to you from The Baseball Tarot

Card Dowsed is… Whole New Ball Game (Traditional Equivalent – The Tower)

Keywords – Shocking Change, Bolt of Insight, The Deeper Truth Comes Out, Chaos Leading to New Knowledge

Sometimes a bolt comes out of the blue and suddenly everything’s changed. The circumstance to which you are accustomed, and perhaps even your sense of reality itself, is shaken to the core. In baseball when a team comes from behind in the last inning in a show of strength the announcer will often Declare “Well Folks, It’s a Whole New Ballgame!”

When this happens in life, it often sets off shock waves where all is thrown into question and chaos, discord and grief are likely to ensue. But in retrospect we can often recognize that the temporary disruption was a necessary price to pay for the gift of transformation. Even in the worst cases, the lightening bolt that brings destruction also brings illumination and a bracing demand for a fresh start.

At these times, denial is counter-productive and resistance is futile. You have no say in whether or not he change should happen; your only choice is how you deal with it.


To what degree is this message for me?

To what degree am I in alignment with this message?

To what degree do I need to Pay Attention to this message?

To what degree am I in denial?

To what degree am I resisting the change?

To what degree am I wasting my effort in resisting the change?

To what degree is it time for me to choose how to deal with this event rather than wallow in self-pity?

To what degree do I blame myself for this event?

To what degree is it my fault that this event occurred?


Reflect on what happened and how you reacted. Journal about your thoughts and feelings. Use the book Dowse This… Your Journey to Emotional Balance to research and clear your emotions around this event. Check if you have any of these emotions buried in your physical body? Check for and clear any non-beneficial psychic cords that you may have attached. Check for imbalance in your chakras (Shocking events will often knock our chakra’s out of alignment).

Reflect on why you may blame yourself, clear the Negative Imprints that you may have implanted in your psyche or body. What have you been telling yourself? Write them down. Dowse… to what degree is it true that “I deserved this”? etc. Check to see if you have managed to bury these words in your body dowse location using a body chart and clear.

If this event occurred due to a Relationship, either at work or in a personal relationship. In the book Dowse This… Your Relationships; Personal and Professional there are charts that can give you clues as to why the event may have occurred.

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